Protect your Home by Installing a Smoke Alarm

Plenty of unfortunate cases have recently come to light where a fire broke out, and people were unaware of it until it was too late. That’s where smoke alarms play their role. These ingenious devices will inform you of the presence of smoke in your surroundings, thus helping avoid fatal accidents. 

While smoke alarms cannot get off fire like fire extinguishers, they still offer an excellent layer of protection to your home and minimise damage by giving you enough time to safely exit the place. If an alarm is installed correctly, it can wake people to the sirens indicating the existence of smoke in the home that can cause a further mishap. 

Are you new to this concept and want to dig more? This article gives you insight into installing smoke alarms in your home. Scroll down and learn why these new-gen devices can be a great investment. 

Smoke Alarms – A Complete Overview

Smoke Alarms, popularly known as Smoke Detectors, live up to their names and are designed to notify you of fire or smoke in the house. It’s no wonder that sudden fire or excessive smoke obscures your vision, leading to extreme eye irritation, poor judgment, and panic. All these, combined with the effects of the poisons in the smoke, limit your ability to find an exit. Therefore, installing smoke alarms in your home is essential to become aware of the upcoming mishap beforehand and exit the house safely. These devices start beeping or warning the homeowners when the smoke level reaches a specific point. 

Smoke Alarms are further classified into three key types: ionization, photo-electric, and a combination of the two. In the case of burning fires, ionization smoke detectors identify the small diameter of smoke particles and start beeping. However, these alarms might not be ideal for areas near kitchens, open fires, or heating systems. 

The second most common type is photo-electric smoke alarms, specialised in detecting larger smoke particles and ideal for installing near kitchens or in areas including heaters. The third and most preferred smoke alarm is the combination of ionization and photo-electric type, offering both benefits to enhance home safety. 

Smoke alarms are powered by batteries or wires, and you should pick the one based on your requirement and budget. Smart Smoke Alarms are also launched in the market that notify you of smoke, even when you are not in the place. This will help save your near and dear ones present in the home. 

Where to Install Smoke Alarms?

In addition to the rightmost alarm, proper positioning is mandatory to make the most out of these devices. Therefore, we have outlined the basic recommendations for placing the smoke alarms to simplify your decision. 

  • Install smoke alarms on levels without bedrooms, including the basement.
  • Inside each bedroom, outside each sleeping area
  • It should be installed on the ceiling at the bottom of the stairs leading to the next level.
  • To minimise false alarms, smoke alarms must be present at least 3 meters from a cooking appliance. 
  • Mount smoke alarms high on ceilings or walls. However, they shouldn’t be installed more than 30cm from the ceiling. 
  • If you have pitched ceilings, install the detector within three feet of the peak. 
  • Don’t place smoke detectors close to doors and ducts where drafts might interfere with operations. 
  • Interconnect all smoke detectors for the best protection. You can choose either hard-wiring or wireless technology for interconnection. 

5 Reasons to Get Professional Smoke Alarm Installation


As suggested above, smoke alarms will notify you of smoke and fumes only if installed appropriately. So don’t take shortcuts when it comes to smoke alarm installation and opt for professional services like Thunder Electrical Services. 

Here’s a quick rundown of the benefits of choosing professional smoke alarm installation. 

They are updated with the latest regulations

It’s no wonder that smoke alarm installation companies are well-updated with the latest regulations associated with these safety devices. So you should opt for them and let them handle this crucial job correctly. According to the new guidelines, smoke alarms must be hard-wired and interconnected, requiring a qualified professional. 

Professional Electricians help you choose the right smoke alarm

Since smoke alarms are further divided into various types, only a professional and qualified electrician can tell you the better option for your property. Not all smoke detectors are created equal; not all will be compliant with your space. Therefore, you must call a licensed and insured electrician – Myles from Thunder Electrical Services, and we will ensure you install the right smoke alarm for your property. 

They know the correct locations to install smoke alarms. 

The next best reason you should opt for professional smoke alarm installation is that they know the right places to mount these detectors, so you can make the most of them. Depending on your floor plan, connect with professional electricians, who can quickly locate the best places to insert these alarms.

Handle positioning complications

Since professional electricians and associated companies are experienced in the job, they understand what to avoid when installing smoke alarms. Plenty of factors can play havoc with the performance of smoke detectors. So avoiding situations where someone may disconnect a smoke detector due to annoyance is essential. An experienced and licensed electrician can efficiently address positioning complications and avoid false alarms and other similar issues. 

Saves time, money, and efforts

Finally, the last and fundamental reason you should opt for professional smoke alarm installation is that it will save you time, money, and headaches. DIY smoke installation is never a good plan, especially when you are a beginner with no concerned knowledge. Moreover, choosing a professional electrician can help you avoid mistakes and oversights. 


When it comes to safety, nobody wants to compromise. And it isn’t just hyped, as smoke alarms really do save lives and can help prevent fires in the home. Thus, take a few minutes to understand the importance of installing smoke alarms and implement the suggestion as early as possible to avoid any fatal mishap. At Thunder Electrical Services, we boast a team of qualified and licensed electricians who can help install smoke alarms, thus avoiding nasty and expensive surprises. 

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