When & Why Do You Need A Level 2 Electrician?

Electricity is essential to run our daily lives in a smooth way. The majority of appliances and electronic devices rely on it. Everyone relies on electricity, and if there is a problem with it, it can disrupt the quality of life at home or the operations of any business.

Working with a professional is essential when dealing with electrical issues at home to achieve the best outcomes. It’s better to leave any electricity-related work to a professional because working with live power requires the utmost caution.

Many consumers need clarification on the various accreditation levels within the electrical services business and what services are truly available. In this article, we examine Level 2 Electricians and the services they can offer to residential, commercial, and industrial locations.

Difference Between Level 1 & Level 2 Accredited Service Providers

The primary difference between a Level 1 ASP and a Level 2 ASP is that the latter is authorised to work on the service lines connecting a commercial or residential building to the electrical grid.

Some tasks they can do are installation and connection of electrical metres, maintenance of subterranean and overhead service lines, power supply upgrades, and disconnection and reconnection of electrical service. Only Accredited Service Providers (ASPs) working under the ASP programme may do any work related to the aforementioned services, ensuring the safety and dependability of NSW’s power supply.

When Should You Seek Help From A Level 2 Electrician?

A level 2 electrician has the skills and information to fix some electrical issues. Here are some things a level 2 engineer can do and problems they can solve.

Upgrading Electrical Systems

Residential and business electrical systems differ. More appliances, devices, and tools may require an upgrade or extension. It may overload if a home or business’s electrical system can’t handle the extra demand.

Buildings usually feature single-phase or three-phase systems. A 3-phase system contains three active wires and one neutral wire, while a single-phase system has two wires.

If you need extra power to avoid circuit overload, you may need to go from a single-phase to a three-phase system. Level 2 electricians can upgrade the system. The task is too risky for an ordinary electrician.

Installing Metre Boxes

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To save energy and stay safe, you need an electric metre box. Consider not installing one yourself. A level 2 electrician can adequately install a metre box; therefore, you must hire one. Remember that the job demands a specialist who knows building wiring and electrical grids. Utility suppliers allow level 2 electricians to install metering devices.

Installing Overhead Electrical Cables

Electrician Builder at work, installation of lamps at height. Professional in overalls with a drill on the background of the repair site.

Hiring a level 2 electrician is the safest option when installing overhead and underground power cables. Overhead and subsurface cables distribute electricity. Overhead cables require power poles, while underground lines are buried.

An expert can assess cable quality and ensure safe and efficient installation. Since they transmit considerable power from power facilities to distribution hubs, cables must be carefully inspected. A level 2 electrician can install wires and repair severe weather-related line damage. Any cable damage might expose the inside copper wires to the air, putting them at risk.

Disconnection Or Reconnection Tasks

Professionals are needed to disconnect power to a home or business. Level 2 electricians may safely disconnect power from homes and businesses. This task can harm others or the region if done poorly.

A level 2 electrician is needed to safely and efficiently restore electricity after reconnection. An electrician will quickly reconnect your house to the power grid if you can pay your payments or finish your restoration.

Electrical Emergencies

No matter how safe you are at work or home, an electrical disaster might happen at anytime. Switchboard fires, odd burning smells, live wire sparks, and weather-related cable damage can cause electrical emergencies. If you suspect an electrical emergency, turn off the main and call a level 2 electrician.

Level 2 electricians are trained to handle high-risk electricity problems, so call them first. You’ll feel better knowing the repairs will be done on time.

Looking for a Level 2 Electrician near Coffs Harbour?

Is the power out or problems with the main lines, or do you plan to renovate or upgrade the electrical system? Well, you will need the level 2 electrician’s assistance. Keep in mind that hiring a professional is the best option, especially for potentially dangerous electrical jobs like installing, metering, updating, or maintaining the power grid.

If you need a local level 2 electrician, contact Myles on 0499 236 146 from Thunder Electrical Services.

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