Why Upgrading Old Switchboard Is Important For Your Home?

Your switchboard condition directly affects the security of your home against electrical threats. It is a vital electrical component for linking and distributing power to your home. The fuses in old switchboards may be improperly seated, which results in hotspots and electrical arcing. This can spread throughout the entire wire system, posing a serious fire hazard. There’s a risk of fire and electrocution if the equipment gets damaged.

The wires that connect switchboards in your home remain unseen. When a spark or flame ignites in a malfunctioning system, it spreads swiftly. This can then cause property damage and endanger life.

Obsolete switchboards may also contain loose wires and trigger switches too frequently. This situation increases the risk of electrocution. But upgrading it can assist in resolving these issues. This write-up will go over eight reasons why you should upgrade your switchboard.

8 Benefits of Upgrading Your Switchboard

Improves Electrical Safety

Old and outdated switchboards are dangerous for homes due to their wiring abnormalities. Most of them are connected using wires that do not follow today’s industrial standards. This is why they pose a high risk of problems like sparking, shorting, or even fire. Outdated switchboards and old wires are a deadly combination that leads to heat building up in switch terminals and fuses. These switchboards often need to be equipped with updated insulation. And any insulation deterioration may expose electrical wires, creating an even greater danger.

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Some out-of-date switchboards lack RCD (Residual Current Device). This RCD immediately senses electrical shocks and disconnects. Use an updated & modern switchboard with RCD, which saves lives and prevents electrocution. Thus, use an upgraded one to save the environment and your life.

Meet Advanced Power Demands

Technology’s ongoing development has led to more modern electrical equipment and devices. This is why the need for power in homes and companies has increased. Electrical overloading results when too much power is used from your switchboard. This can lead to fires and other problems. Electrical circuits are also made to handle a certain amount of electricity.

Modern switchboards have circuit breakers to prevent power from exceeding the specified limit. If your use exceeds the normal capacity of the circuitry, an overload can easily occur. An outdated switchboard needs to meet the electricity demands of a modern household. This can result in short circuits, appliance damage, fires, and flickering lights.

Helps In Saving Money

Inefficient old switchboards can waste energy and drive up your electricity costs. They may also have higher upkeep costs due to increased breakdowns and service calls. New switchboards feature circuit breakers and residual current devices. This makes it less common to call an electrician for routine maintenance. They are also more efficient, so they help you save money on your monthly electricity bills.

Fuses Are Constantly Melting/Blowing

Consider a switchboard upgrade instantly if your fuses are melting or blowing. Most current appliances and equipment place huge loads which outdated fuses cannot bear. As a result, they blow up or melt under pressure. Ceramic fuses provide very little or no protection against electrocution. It may be unsafe if your fuses are often melting or blowing. Consider replacing them with the most recent safety switches to improve safety while lowering fire risk.

Get Rid Of Old Asbestos Panels

Most back plates on old switchboards were made of asbestos. Asbestos could become airborne and get into the lungs. Electricians can’t drill into the system to fix it if these materials are. Old switchboards that have asbestos should get replaced by licensed electricians.

Control Flickering Lights

Various factors, like overloaded circuits or random power surges from the grid or the switchboard, can cause flickering lights. Older switchboards can only sometimes maintain a continuous electricity flow. Look for dropped circuits, overloaded switchboard wiring, and melted fuses to find the source. This problem can be mitigated by upgrading your switchboard.

Comply With Electrical Standards

The government and other relevant agencies establish some safety and electrical standards. All homeowners and building owners must follow these standards. This ensures that their electrical systems can handle today’s power usage demands.

The established electrical standards include critical requirements for your switchboard. For instance, all lighting and power switches have safety safeguards for shutting down the system when it is overloaded. This keeps electrical problems from posing a threat to your property.

Prevent Electrical Fires & Damages

Electrical fires cause the majority of residential fires. You can reduce the risk of these fires by updating your switchboard. If your switchboard needs to be updated, there may be overcrowding of fuses, which can cause wire problems and electrical fires over time.

Because modern appliances draw more power from your outdated electrical system, you’ll need extra capacity in your switchboard to avoid blown fuses and high protection levels. Upgraded switchboards include circuits with RCDs that trip to cut off all power when a fault is detected in your appliances or electrical wiring.


Modernized switchboards are a great method to prevent the majority of electrical hazards. Consider an upgrade to your switchboard to gain these advantages. If your switchboard or electrical wiring is outdated, you must look for a change and ask professionals to replace it with modern equipment.

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